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Do you 'binge' market?

Many people’s approach to marketing and business development is akin to binge drinking, literally in some cases . . . . like alcohol, little and often is much better for you. Don’t wait until you have plenty of time for marketing, if that’s happened then it’s obviously too late, you don’t have enough work. Sounds obvious hey? So why do we all do it and how can we stop?

The old cliché of ‘market when you’re busy’ is so true, yet so hard to achieve. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Keep a simple list of your key contacts
  2. Prioritise that list & identify what action you want to take next with them
  3. Each week do at least one of those actions
  4. Work this activity into your day job – so for instance, take 10 minutes before or after project meetings to find out what else your contacts are up to
  5. Whenever you meet a new contact on a project, consider whether that person is likely to be helpful to you in a new business context, if they are put them on the list and make a point of finding more about them
  6. Make sure your contacts are included within your organisation’s marketing communications activity – events, newsletter lists
  7. Make sure your organisation has some marketing communications activity!
  8. Use social media to continue the conversation with your contacts, this can be done while in a cab or on the train, to engage with your contacts aside from the project
  9. Be helpful – what goes around comes around
  10. Enjoy it – pick the things that suit you, it all works, just in different ways
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – call me . . .