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Tap into your richest source of new business

Imagine having easy access to a really rich source of new business . . . you have, your staff and the contacts built through current and previous projects.

Organisations often struggle to know where to start in generating new business. Yet, amongst the work they are currently doing there is the richest source of new business – their existing contacts. And within their business is the strongest connection to that source – their own staff.

We all know that it’s a small world and that property and construction is all about people and relationships. However it’s easy to forget that and invest in forging new relationships without making the most of what we already have.

Through your past and current projects you and your team will have built up hundreds of relationships; some completely new, some reinforcing those you’ve had for a while. Those people know you, have experience of your great service and how nice you are to work with. So, they are your most likely source of new work.

Now I’m not saying you should never network or contact new potential clients and contacts. I’m just saying get that in balance with making the most of what you already have. Most people choose to ignore it.

I have helped a number of companies to galvanise the skills within their team and really tap into their contact base. If you want any help please call me.